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Get Bangalore Girls Whatsapp mobile numbers online friendship. It was difficult for her to manage house, son and husband in the beginning. Sometimes she got upset and found herself unable to carry on her studies along with studies, but she did not give up as she was better aware of the fact that once she said she couldn’t then others also put her on back and she could not find this chance again to fulfill her aim.

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So she gathered her all powers, strength and most importantly patience to manage her studies along with her household chores in a perfect manner. Every family member used to discourage her at every situation but she took all the criticism positively. She decided to prove them wrong. So, she did it. She got her degree with 90%marks. Her husband was surprised by her determination and the result of her struggle and decided to have dinner at her favorite restaurant but unfortunately the car suddenly got out of order.

Ankita used her knowledge and fixed the car then her husband realized that his wife is capable of doing anything in life.

Name: Sundari

City: Bangalore India

Language: Hindi

Interest: Cricket

Study: Bechlor

Status: Single

Religion: Hindu

Email Address:

Whastapp Number: +914634180451839

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