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Real Delhi Girls Whatsapp Mobile Numbers online for chat and friendship. She wanted to become a lawyer but she did not want to go to the university dorm or hostel as she did not want her mother to be left alone. Tania was still confused about what profession to choose when in a Christmas party she was invited to, she was contacted by a film maker who wanted to cast her in his new movie.

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She was not expecting anything like that so she rejected his offer and came home. The next day the very first knock at the door was form the same person who wanted to give her a break as an actress. She had already talked to her mother about the offer and her mother had convinced her to try her luck.

She was offered an unbelievably huge amount for signing her first movie, she accepted the offer and started working. Fortunately the movie had to be shot in Seattle and Tania did not have to leave her mother alone. Her first movie was a block buster and it was a wonderful beginning of her new life.

Tania convinced her mother to move to Hollywood and to that she agreed so that Tania could concentrate on her work. Now she is one of the leading actresses of American cinema.

Name: Tania

City: Indian Capital Delhi 

Language: Hindi

Interest: Joging

Study: FSC

Status: Single

Religion: Hindi

Email Address:

Whastapp Number: +919293027272

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