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In a small town near Cairo was born a little girl whose arrival was being awaited by her family as she was the first child of a couple who had been married for five years, but was not able to conceive. Her parents belonged to lower middle class but were not narrow-minded so they celebrated her birth to the contentment of their heart. You also see Dubai Girls Whatsapp Numbers and Chennai Girls Whatsapp Numbers online firendship.

She was admitted to the only private school in the city. She was a very intelligent student and a loving and caring person. She was a compassionate person and was ever ready to help the students who needed their help.

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Egypt Girls Whatsapp Numbers: Life had some other plans for her, one day when she came back from school she was shocked to see her mother crying and worried. When she asked about the reason for her stress.

Egypt Girls Whatsapp Numbers: she told her that her father has lost his job because he encountered an accident in which he has lost his right was the moment when Leela’s life turned upside down. Her mother tried real hard to take care of her daughter but it was very tough.

Egypt Girls Whatsapp Numbers: At that time Leela was 15 and was about to give her matriculation exams.

Name: Nubia

City: Cairo

Language: Egypt

Interest: in men

Study: Online

Status: Single

Religion: Muslim

Email Address:

Whastapp Number: +202839920376

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