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Get online Hyderabad Girls Whatsapp Numbers online for chat. Like her namesake, she is a regal girl belongs to the once royal family of India; Mughals. She is studying her post graduate in the Hyderabad University in the International Relationship. She has the parents who are nutritionists, this is a reason, she is a fitness, health and nutrient conscious. In other words, she eats while counting the calories and having the knowledge of particular nutrients in each grain of her food.

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Hyderabad Girls Whatsapp Numbers: This is a reason, many people take her as a crazy diet conscious person which also makes her personality a bizarre one. Her craze for health does not stop there, she is also regular club member of a gym as well as sport club which makes her an athlete too. Shahana’s aim is to be a lecturer in her own university after having a degree of PhD.

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Hyderabad Girls Whatsapp Numbers: She is a smart, intelligent and studious person with a determined aim is to be a leader in her future. So, instead of just following the steps of her elders, she chooses her own path. She also wants to be a lecturer, due to her confident in the public speaking. Moreover, this talent also leads her to be a Youtuber who also gives lecture on the ladylike styles as well as self growth. She has thousands of followers on each of her social network.

Name: Shahana

City: Hyderabad

Language: Hindi

Interest: Books

Study: Hyderabad University

Status: Engaged

Religion: Muslim

Email Address: Shahanaabid88@gmail.com

Whastapp Number: +9158651205623

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