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See the latest Jeddah Girls Whatsapp Mobile Numbers for online chat. Sarah studied business management and administration for four years and introduction to new people and judging people by their work and talent and not just by documents was a very difficult. But as it was part of her business education she did it very well.

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By nature Sarah was a very extrovert person and developing frank relations was not a very difficult task for her. After completion of her business management and administration course she was invited by her father to join his company but she refused to join his business.

She asked for his permission to try her luck in some other company for one year, the permission was granted and she was hired by a person who did not know about her father, she was hired after an interview and her appointment was on merit. Her hard work and dedication earned the company heavy profits as well as excellent work environment and competent employees.

One year passed very quickly and her father reminded her of her promise but when she resigned her boss did not accept her resignation. That was the time when Sarah disclosed her identity and her promise to her father. After telling the truth her boss accepted her resignation and now Sarah is working for her father.

Name: Bisma

City: Jeddah

Language: Arabic

Interest: Free

Study: Bsc


Religion: Muslim

Email Address:

Whastapp Number: +96645303842

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