Hoor Kuwait Muslim Girls Whatsapp Numbers

Hoor Kuwait Muslim Girls Whatsapp Numbers: At the eastern side of Arabis situated a city of Cambridge where a gem of a person known as Velma was born. She was the elder most of the three kids of a middle class family.

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Her parents were teachers at a school run by the state. The salary of both the parents was just enough to make the ends meet and there was no chance of saving for the future. Velma was a compassionate girl and always tried to help everybody.

There were times when Velma felt sad for her parents as they had no time for recreation and were busy trying to earn more and more. She could see the stress they were going through. She had only one dream to follow and that was seeing her parents relaxed and enjoying.one day something unfortunate happened that changed their life altogether.

Share with you only my whatsapp number and also will add my whatsapp group after the confirmation. Her father had an accident and lost his mobility. At that time Velma was in her eleventh grade she had to quit her studies to support her family financially. She started working at a nearby restaurant and earned enough money to help her mom run the house smoothly.

Name: Hoor

City: Kuwait UAE

Language: Arabic

Interest: Free

Study: Bsc


Religion: Hindu

Email Address: chandnatamil12@gmail.com

Whastapp Number: +96575382873

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