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Let see Farha Mumbai Aunty Give Personal Whatsapp Numbers: There are very few women even in the developed countries who raise their voices for their rights. Although it is said that women are equal and have equal rights this is not practiced. Pick some girls whatsapp mobile numbers in this list and get connect only on whatsapp phone numbers via internet online.

A couple living in Leeds England in its late thirties had an exceptional girl who fought not only for her own rights but for those of others too. Her name was Mary. Mary was a very intelligent girl and was very observant too, that is why she always kept an eye on her surroundings.

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Whenever she found someone being unfair to somebody she could not stop herself from interfering. As she grew older she was recognized in her school as one of the most intelligent students as well as a human rights and especially women rights activist. Mary wanted the women to fight for their rights at every level.

In the building where her parents had rented an apartment she heard the voice of a crying women who used to get beaten by her husband when he was drunk, but she did not ask for help nor did she let anybody interfere.

Name: Farha

City: Mumbai

Language: Hindi

Interest: Houswife

Study: Intermidiate

Status: Single

Religion: Hindu

Email Address: Farhakhan77@gmail.com

Whastapp Number: +91372838284

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