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Get Mumbai Girls Whatsapp Mobile Numbers for online friendship and chat. In a Big city of India known as Seattle lived a young lady who had been living with her boyfriend for two years, after two years of a loving relationship they were expecting their first child. After waiting anxiously for nine months they were blessed with a lovely daughter named Eudora.

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She was a beautiful baby with golden hair and big blue eyes. She was so beautiful that a photographer asked her parents for permission to use her photograph on a calendar and in return e paid them a reasonable amount. Right from the day her mother’s attention got divided between the baby and her boyfriend his behavior started changing till the day came when he left both Eudora and her mother and moved to some other place with his new girlfriend.

Her mother was a very strong lady and wanted to move on in life. So she tried focusing on the upbringing of her lovely daughter. Eudora was never conscious of her stunning beauty and acted very humble in school fact she did not like people praising her beauty as she thought it was unfair for others.

Name: Naina

City: Mumbai India

Language: Hindi

Interest: Job

Study: icom

Status: Single

Religion: Hindu

Email Address:

Whastapp Number: +918273203723

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