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Eiman Muscat Girls Whatsapp Mobile Numbers: Though the base of a progressive life depends on the education and planning, sometimes wisdom and patience play a vital role in the betterment of life. Sakshi is the name of a young girl who took birth in a small town 10 kilometers outside the city of Mumbai. She was the second child of her parents her brother being the first.

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She belonged to a lower middle class family where eating enough to curb the hunger and acquiring education from a free government school was more than enough to be called a comfortable life. Sakshi was a beautiful girl and inspired many people with her God gifted beauty. She had a very strange habit right from the age of 4 when she was admitted to a school, and that was of keeping her head covered with a scarf.

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People used to ask her about the reason behind covering her head but Sakshi smiled in reply. Time flies fast and her brother who was not a very good student failed in his matriculation exams. Her father who was an electrician had already waited too long for his son who was needed to share his father’s responsibility of earning for the family, could not permit him to study more. Her brother quit school and stared assisting his father. Two years passed smoothly then the day came when Sakshi matriculation result was announced. She stood second in the board.

During these two years her father became physically challenged as his arm was left dead after a high voltage shock during work. Her family’s financial condition was deteriorating when with her families consent she took off her scarf. Yes, she used that scarf to hide the most beautiful hair in the world that belonged to her. She made the best use of her hair and went to Mumbai, where she managed to get entry to a college level beauty contest through a friend of hers who was studying in college.

As soon as the talent hunters looked at her hair she was hired for the ad campaign of the biggest international brand of shampoo. After that there was no looking back and now the whole family is living a happy satisfied life.

Name: Eiman

City: Muscat UAE

Language: Arabic

Interest: Racing

Study: Bcom

Status: Single

Religion: Muslim

Email Address: eimansaudi456@gmail.com

Whastapp Number: +968237291027

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