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United States New York Girls Whatsapp Mobile Numbers: It was a bright sunny morning when David heard the news of his lovely daughter coming in this world. He was super excited to see his daughter and named her Fern. She was a very cute little girl with big almond shaped green eyes. Fern was a brilliant student at school. There was not a single thing in which she did not participate.

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She was a good debater, a superb actress, a talented singer and an energetic sports person. Her parents were very happy that their daughter was not interested in making boyfriends or going to parties and night clubs. She was a constructive person who believed in doing something for the society and for the betterment of the human beings. She hated the people who did not care about the increasing pollution in the world and did not try to conserve energy.

She wanted to continue her studies in environmental engineering for green world. In due course she completed her studies and was hired by a multinational company on a handsome salary.

Name: Amelia

City: Capital New York

Language: English

Interest: Acting

Study: Technical

Status: Single

Religion: Non

Email Address:

Whastapp Number: +127384020382

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