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Duaa Oman Girls Whatsapp Mobile Numbers for online friendship. A very beautiful saying about a woman “be a girl with mind, a woman with attitude and a lady with class”. A woman can also contribute to change the mindset of society. Manhil is such a young lady who wanted to change the minds of a society. This could only happen when she was able to change the mind set of her family first.

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Manahil was the only child of her parents. She belonged to the middle class family where the people tied up with old rituals and customs. Manahil was the lucky one in her family because her father wanted his daughter to get good education. When she passed intermediate she wanted to do bachelors in business administration because she was good in mathematics but this was against the family customs. How a girl could go in a university and study with boys. It seemed to be a milestone to get the consent of her father. She used to talk to her father about it all the time but everything was looking vain.

One day her teacher came and talked to her father. Finally, he was succeeded to convince him. She got permission and took admission in B.B.A in the university. Although it was tough for her as she was not use to study in co-education system. She was the only girl who observed pardah in her batch. Sometimes her class fellows made fun of her pardah but she did not give up. It made her stronger in her values. She completed her four years bachelor’s degree in pardah.

Her father was proud of having such a strengthened daughter who knew her limits very well and could succeed within her values. Now she is doing a job in pardah in multinational company and taking evening classes for Masters in Business Administration.

Name: Dua

City: Oman UAE

Language: Arabic

Interest: Hairstye

Study: intermediate

Status: Single

Religion: Muslim

Email Address: mduaalabzkhel34@gmail.com

Whastapp Number: +968344973297

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