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Search Online Pune Girls Mobile Numbers for friendship. To become a mother, is a great blessing for every woman. Everything instantly becomes connected to the baby and she forgets herself. She starts making silly faces and voices to make her child laugh that she never thought before of doing such silly things in future. But when her child becomes a teenager, he tries to leave the finger of mom that he used to hold when he knew nothing about life. But a Mom holds it more tightly. Same is the case with the Mom of Preeti. When she was a toddler, her mother was everything for her. She used to cry even when her mother had to go to bathroom. Then she grew old enough to go to school and she used to look back seeing her mother waving her.

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Pune Girls Whatsapp Numbers: Time passed, she had new friends and slowly she found no time for her mother to share her moments which she used to spend with her friends. One day she had dance competition in her school and she wanted to take part in it as she was fond of dancing. But she was little bit confused in classical steps of dancing and she wanted to join dance academy. Her father was a salaried person and had not enough money for the fees. She had only 15 days to register herself.

Pune Girls Whatsapp Numbers: Her mother had a hobby of making different types of jewelry, buttons and fridge magnets with beads. Preeti always thought that no one had time to waste on this activity. But her mother proved her wrong. Her mother made beautiful different beads wall hangings in 4 days. One night she saw her mother making that and her mother didn’t sleep all night. Very next morning her mother went to the shop and sold those hangings. When she came back from school, she found her admission form with the fees lying on the table with her lunch.

Pune Girls Whatsapp Numbers: She was so emotional that she began to weep and hugged her mother tightly. That was the time when she realized that everything had a value in life especially an art.

Name: Preeti

City: Pune

Language: Hindi

Interest: Fashion

Study: Pune University

Status: Single

Religion: Hindu

Email Address: Preetiagarwal88@gmail.com

Whastapp Number: +9162864108451

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