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Sri Lanka Colombo Girls Whatsapp Mobile Numbers: A factory worker of Manipur India had a daughter named Raadha who was a talented young lady who had the guts to do something new. Being born in the middle of two brothers she always used to behave like a tom boy and was always busy doing boyish things.

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Her parents were worried about her future as she was never interested in the things that according to Indian culture every girl should learn like cooking, stitching and managing the house. As far as education is concerned Raadha was a super intelligent girl who picked everything at once and teacher never had to explain her anything twice Raadha stood second in her 12th grade exams and was qualified for a scholarship.

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You can chat online with Sri Lanka Colombo girls and also on Girls whatsapp Numbers. She got admitted to a famous medical college of the city. Her family moved in with her uncle’s family so that Raadha and her brothers could acquire quality education Suddenly Raadha’s mother fell I’ll.

  • Name: Smita
  • City: Colombo
  • Email Address:
  • Age: 22
  • Religion: Buddhists
  • Occuption: College Student
  • Country: Sri Lanka
  • Whastapp Number: +94-775226632858532

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